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Standard Materials for modular plastic conveyor belts

All belts from ScanBelt are naturally available in the traditional materials; Polyethylene (PE), Polyacetal (POM), Polypropylene (PP), Low Friction Acetal Resin (LFA), Acetal Resin (D), Wear Resistant Resin (WR), Super Performance Acetal Resin (SP) and Antistatic Acetal Resin (AS)

All standard materials are FDA approved for direct food contact

Polyethylene can handle operational temperatures down to ÷73°C and is thus suitable for installations in cold areas. It will also be ideal for applications that require a flexible belt material with superior impact strength

Polypropylene can handle operational temperatures up to 100°C. It is a harder material with a good pulling force. It is suitable for installations in high range temperature areas as well as boilers and dryers to a certain degree. It has excellent chemical resistance towards aggressive cleaning chemicals etc.

Polyacetal is a strong all-round material with a working temperature from ÷43°C to +95°C. This material has great pulling force and a hard surface, which gives a reduced friction to both the support and the product. It is sensitive to blows or knocks due to low impact strength. Suitable for bottling and canning industry. Should be used with caution in installations that use cleaning agents containing acid and/or chlorine.

Low Friction Acetal Resin this material has a low coefficient of friction, high wear resis-tance and excellent resistance to chain tension. It is recom-mended for high load, high speed application.FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for direct contact with food. Working temperatures from ÷40°C to +80°C (dry) and ÷40°C to +65°C (wet).

Acetal Resin the acetal resin offers very good machenical specifications, excellent wear resintance and a low coefficient of friction. Used in the manufacturing of plates for flat top chains, it is an economical alternative to our LFA material. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for direct contact with food. Working temperatures from ÷40°C to +80°C (dry) and ÷40°C to +65°C (wet).

Wear Resistant Resin. It is especially wear resistant in abrasive environment and it is suitable forconveying glass, mechanical components, sand...Working temperatures from ÷40°C to +80°C (dry) and ÷40°C to +65°C (wet).

Super Performance Acetal Resin has o lower coefficient of friction than LFA material. Plate wear and chain elongation are reduced; it is suitable for high speed applications anh reduced lubrication. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for direct contact with food. Working temperatures from ÷40°C to +80°C (dry) and ÷40°C to +65°C (wet).

Antistatic Acetal Resin this material offers great protection against static electrical changes. It is ideal for explosive atmosphere and where an electrostatic force may cause product instability. Working temperatures from ÷40°C to +80°C (dry) and ÷40°C to +65°C (wet).

Special Materials for modular plastic conveyor belts

In order to solve tasks out of the ordinary, we are able to deliver a variety of special materials as well as additives. High Temperature Areas

For cookers, steamers and air dryers etc. it will be an advantage to use a temperature stabilised polypropylene material that is not affected by a constant high temperature.

For blanchers and pasteurizers etc., where the belt's thermal expansion may be an issue, we supply belts in COMPOSITE MATERIAL. This reduces the thermal expansion coefficient by approx. 75% from normal polypropylene. It furthermore has an excellent chemical resistance and will help dissipate static charges that might build up in certain applications.

For more general applications in high temperature areas, we recommend various nylon types with a range of up to +150°. This will give a great combination of pulling force and high impact strength.

Reinforced Materials

In areas with distinct necessity for added pulling force, we can supply either fibre or mineral reinforced materials. These will significantly improve the pulling force, but at the same time lower the impact strength.

Electrical Conductivity

Most materials can be delivered either as electrically conductive or antistatic. The electrical conductivity can be varied to suit your requirements.


There is often a need for "non-stick" effect particularly for free-zing applications, where it is necessary to avoid the products sticking to the belt surface. For this purpose we deliver

polyethylene in a non-stick version.

Detectable Polypropylene

The material is highly relevant in food applications where there is a risk of contamination. The compound is designed to be detected by metal detectors and X-ray machines. Sensibility degrees may vary with customer's equipment. The material com- plies with FDA regulations for use in food processing and packaging.

Flame Retardant Materials

For use in fire hazardous areas, we can supply V-0 rated materials that will not sustain a flame or burn actively. The material is FDA approved for direct food contact.

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